CloudMailin Email Sending Event Webhook

When you send email with CloudMailin you can opt to receive status events via Webhook. This is different to the Webhook received when CloudMailin actually receives email. If you're looking for our inbound email to webhook, head to our Incoming Email Webhook.

CloudMailin email delivery events

The list of possible events during email delivery is as follows:

Event Description
registration We've received your email and are preparing it to deliver to the recipient.
dispatch Your email has been processed and dispatched to the outbound sending server.
rate_limited You've sent more emails than your domain allows. The message will be sent once your account has allowance again.
delivery The email was delivered to the recipient's server.
bounce The email bounced. You should take action when receiving this event. Accounts with a high number of bounces will be suspended
soft_bounce The email was temporarily unable to be delivered. The message will retry a number of times.
retries_exhausted The email was retried but ultiamtely could not be delivered. You should investigate this and take action if possible.
open The email was opened.
click A link in the email was clicked.
blocked Sending was blocked due to previous bounces. This is called supressed in our interface.
spamd Sending the email was not attempted because the message appears as SPAM to SpamAssassin. Contact us if you think this is an error.
  "events": [
      "kind": "registration",
      "recipient": "debug@smtp",
      "message_id": "b47c8008-84af-47aa-b39a-b0a3f358a0ee"