Receiving email within the Azure Cloud

Azure provides a number of Cloud Services but it can be difficult to receive email within a Cloud environment.

Many of the on-premise options aren't available in the Cloud and scale can become more of an issue.

CloudMailin is a Cloud solution for developers that allows you to receive any volume of incoming email, directly to your website in the Cloud via HTTP POST.

CloudMailin was designed from the ground up to work well with Cloud and allows you to easily scale up email receiving needs as demand increases.

Storing Email Attachments in Azure Storage

CloudMailin can automatically send message attachments to Azure's Cloud Storage. We call this feature Attachment Stores. This offloads the handling of attachments and can really reduce the burden on your API. The rest of the email is sent to your website, without having to receive the attachment as well.

This can help improve performance but also makes it much faster to get started with CloudMailin.

In addition we have the ability to store the entire email, either RAW or in JSON form in Azure Storage.

In order to enable this feature or if you want more details please contact us.

Regions and Setup

CloudMailin isn't specific to a single region. Because CloudMailin makes an HTTP POST to your site it will work with any Azure Cloud region (HTTP POST Formats).

We also know that sometimes jurisdictions require that data doesn't pass across certain borders. The CloudMailin system can be configured to enable this, a key example being keeping data within the EU.

In order to allow this we have the ability to create dedicated servers in the following locations:


Region Location
East US Virginia
East US 2 Virginia
Central US Iowa
North Central US Illinois
South Central US Texas
West Central US West Central US
West US California
West US 2 West US 2
Canada East Quebec City
Canada Central Toronto
Brazil South Sao Paulo State


Region Location
North Europe Ireland
West Europe Netherlands
Germany Central Frankfurt
Germany Northeast Magdeburg
UK West Cardiff
UK South London
France Central France Central
France South France South

Asia Pacific

Region Location
Southeast Asia Singapore
East Asia Hong Kong
Australia East New South Wales
Australia Southeast Victoria
China East Shanghai
China North Beijing
Central India Pune
West India Mumbai
South India Chennai
Japan East Tokyo, Saitama
Japan West Osaka
Korea Central Seoul
Korea South Busan

Other regions

We're quickly adding support for other regions so contact us if your preferred region isn't available.

Security in the Cloud

Security in the Cloud can be a big worry for some customers. Our pioneering technology allows us to place security at the forefront of everything that CloudMailin does.

If you want more details about the security of CloudMailin please just contact us.

Getting Started

We also recommend you look at our general Getting Started Guide as it explains in more detail how you will be sent messages, how the HTTP Status codes you respond with affect the message delivery and walks you through receiving your first email.

Adding Some Code

We recommend taking a look at our HTTP POST Formats. These show the format of the webhook POST to your website and some sample code to get started.

Contact Us

If you need any help contact us and we can help you get setup receiving email in Azure.