Getting Started On cloudControl

CloudMailin can be added to your cloudControl deployment with:

$ cctrlapp APP_NAME/DEP_NAME addon.add cloudmailin.OPTION

Access Credentials

Your CloudMailin address details are provided within a CRED_FILE on cloudControl. You can read out the location of the file from the env variable CRED_FILE. The benefit of using the environment variable is that you don't need to hardcode the add-on credentials. That way CloudMailin can automatically update any of your details without you having to deploy new code.

There's an example demonstrating how to read a CRED_FILE on github here.

The JSON file has the following structure:



Upgrading to a different CloudMailin plan can be done like so:

$ cctrlapp APP_NAME/DEP_NAME addon.upgrade cloudmailin.OPTION_OLD cloudmailin.OPTION_NEW 

You can also remove the CloudMailin add-on by typing:

$ cctrlapp APP_NAME/DEP_NAME addon.remove cloudmailin.OPTION


cloudControl have put together an example PHP app that makes use of cloudControl and CloudMailin together. The example is on github here